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Dub Dub

Gettin’ ready for dub dub in less than two weeks! By my count, there are 42 “To be announced” sessions on the schedule released today. You will find me at as many Core Animation, Core Graphics, and GCD sessions as I can attend, as well as all of the cool new API sessions. To make the most of it all, I’ve been trying to think of some good questions for the framework engineers at the labs. I’ll probably get some feedback on my ad controller, as well as a new MBProgressHUD/SVProgressHUD-inspired HUD I’ve been working on at work, in addition to some other various work-related stuff.

Some new API’s stuffs I’m thinking/hoping we may see fill in the ‘to be announced’ blanks during the keynote:

  1. Easier iCloud integration (don’t tell me you haven’t tried to integrate iCloud without issue)
  2. Notification Center widgets (I would even settle for a useful Notification Center)
  3. New maps APIs (Exhibit A)
  4. More Core Image filters for iOS
  5. Fully-baked Siri (I don’t necessarily think we’ll see app-level Siri integration, just yet)
  6. Airplay<->Mac integration
  7. Heck, I’m thinking there will be more generic OS-level mac-integration (think Airdrop)
  8. More twitter-like account integrations
  9. A new system-wide visual overhaul (not likely, but it’s been since iOS 4 that the look has changed in any way, and even that was minor)

We’ll see how it all plays out. I’ll be tweeting about it the whole time, NDA permitting, if you care to follow along.

If you’re fortunate enough to be joining us all, then I’ll see you there!